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Document Categories

Value-Adding Strategies

Value-Adding Strategies ( 0 Files )

Value-adding strategies include shared-use kitchens; mobile processing units; New Generation cooperatives; food safety regulation; slaughterhouses and meat plants; and other adding value strategies
Socially Disadvantaged Farmers

Socially Disadvantaged Farmers ( 0 Files )

Socially Disadvantaged Farmers category includes African American agricultural development; Native American agricultural development; Latino American agricultural development; immigrant-American agricultural development; women farmers; limited-resource farmers; and other socially disadvantaged farmers.
Agricultural Education

Agricultural Education ( 1 Files )

Agricultural Education includes Cooperative Extension; farm networks and alliances; farmer-to-farmer education; farm mentoring; entrepreneurship development; farm business management; risk management; best management practices; youth education (4-H, FFA, Ag in the Classroom, etc.); indigenous knowledge; appropriate technology; and other ag education.
Agriculture Development Strategies

Agriculture Development Strategies ( 1 Files )

Agriculture Development Strategies include diversification; specialization (e.g., specialty-crop industry clusters); agricultural credit and financing; microenterprise development; agriculture in the middle; contract farming and integrators; decommodification; midscale food value chains; farm stress; concentration and industrialization; new farmers, small farm development; FarmLink and farm transfer; small farms; farm recruitment; and other agriculture development strategies.
Alternative Production Systems

Alternative Production Systems ( 2 Files )

Alternative Production Systems include alternative livestock production; biodynamic agriculture; organic agriculture; holistic resources management; sustainable agriculture (agronomics, agronomy, technology); transition agriculture; urban agriculture and community gardening; agroforestry; edible landscapes; and other alternative production systems.
Food Systems Planning

Food Systems Planning ( 1 Files )

Food Systems Planning includes geographic information systems (GIS); food system mapping; benchmarking, evaluation, impact analysis; community food assessment; community food security; food deserts and food oases; economic impact (e.g., IMPLAN, RIMS II); foodsheds and marketscapes; and other food systems planning.
Marketing and Distribution Systems, Value Chains

Marketing and Distribution Systems, Value Chains ( 1 Files )

This category includes consumer knowledge, attitudes, behavior; cooperatives, LLCs, LLPs, etc.; direct marketing; direct wholesaling; Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs); farm-to-institution; local food networks; food circles and food webs; regional promotional campaigns; Geographic Indications, COOL; agricultural tourism; farmers' markets and public markets; ethnic markets; and other marketing and distribution systems, value chains.
Regional Cuisine

Regional Cuisine ( 0 Files )

Regional Cuisine includes culinary traditions and foodways; Slow Food and Chefs Collaborative; culinary tourism; and other regional cuisine.
Farmland Protection and Conservation

Farmland Protection and Conservation ( 0 Files )

Farmland Protection and Conservation includes agricultural zoning; conservation easements; purchase of development rights; transfer of development rights; right-to-farm; farm-neighbor relations; land trusts; land-use planning; watershed protection; Smart Growth, farm-friendly communities; and other farmland protection and conservation.
Food and Agriculture Policy

Food and Agriculture Policy ( 0 Files )

Food and Agriculture Policy includes farm policy (e.g., the farm bill); food policy (as it relates to ag. and food system development); food security; food sovereignty and food justice; emergency food assistance; food citizenship; and other food and agriculture policy.
Farm Labor

Farm Labor ( 0 Files )

Farm Labor includes migrant labor and contract labor; and other farm labor.
Applied Research Methodologies

Applied Research Methodologies ( 0 Files )

Applied Research Methodologies include quantitative research methodologies; qualitative research methodologies; feasibility studies; and other applied research methodologies.
Organizational Development

Organizational Development ( 0 Files )

Organizational Development includes Food Circles, webs, networks, alliances, and federations; and other organizational development.

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